SeaWorld Podcast Ep 37 - We Are Back - SeaWorld News and a talk with Chef Axel Dirolf


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The Unofficial SeaWorld Podcast is back with your hosts Eric M Davis, Mike Madsen and Erin McKinney.

In this episode you will learn what Eric, Mike and Erin did during the podcast hiatus, and we share some news about AweosmeOcean. Mike shares some news about ZooNation and Erin talks about her experience as a SeaWorld camp cousnelor.

SeaWorld News

Eric talks about Sea Lion High opening at SeaWorld Orlando and SeaWorld Texas. Along with some of the amazing rescue work done by SeaWorld San Diego this past summer.

Erin shares the news about Mako a new hypercoast opneing at SeaWorld Orlando in the summer of 2016. Mako is going to be the tallest and fastest roller coaster in Florida.

Mike shares news about the Blue World project and what listeners can do to help make Blue World a reality.

Erin talks about the end of the Sea of Surprises and the SeaWorld parks getting ready for Halloween. And a new Dine with Shamu Brunch and SeaWorld San Antonio getting ready for Howl-O-Scream

Eric then talks about the biggest expansion ever coming to SeaWorld San Antonio with the new Discovery Point expansion coming in 2016.

Sitting down with Executive Chef Axel Dirolf at SeaWorld San Diego

Eric sits down with SeaWorld San Diego Executive Chef Axel Dirolf about sustainability, elevating theme park food and how crazy chips were invented.

Learn how SeaWorld is leading the way to serve guests local, hormon free, organic and sustainble food to their guests.

Chef Axel shares information about Breakfast with Elmo, Wild Days the Seven Seas Food Festival and more.

Animal Spotlight with Erin - Puffins

Erin talks about how amazing Puffins are and why you should love Puffins too.

SeaWorld Busch Gardens Spotlight with Mike - Killer Whale Research

Mike talks about how Killer Whales in SeaWorld's Care are helping animals in the wild.

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