SeaWorld Podcast 29 - Project Blue World Coming to a SeaWorld Park Near You


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Welcome back to the Unofficial SeaWorld Podcast, where in this episode we talk about the amazing Project Blue World coming to SeaWorld, Orlando, San Diego and San Antonio, which will be doubling the Killer Whale habitats size, and provinding all new enrichment activities.

We welcome Cameron to the show who shares some great stories as a former SeaWorld camper.

Erin shares with us an amazing conservation story about how SeaWorld has performed a first, articial insemination with penguins.

Eric shares a SeaWorld-Busch Gardens Conservation Fund story as he shares the story about Chouk the Elephant, who was given a second chance at life by SeaWorld, when they crafted a prosthetic leg for this elephant.

Thank you for diving in to Episode 29 of the Unofficial SeaWorld Podcast.

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