SeaWorld Podcast 21 - Interviews with Brian Morrow Bill Shedd and Mike Price


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March into April with episode 21 of the Unofficial SeaWorld Podcast! We have a sea of surprises to share with you! Erin is back with a special Animal Spotlight, and we also have brand new Marine Mammal Trainer Segment, and a new Busch Gardens Minute. We have a recap on our incredible SuperFan meet up at SeaWorld San Diego for the 50th anniversary, news on our SuperFan meetup for May 2014 in San Antonio, and we also have awesome interviews with Brian Morrow about Explorers Reef, Mike Price the assistant curator of fishes at SeaWorld San Diego, and Bill Shedd the son of Milton Shedd the founder of SeaWorld. So put on your snorkel and mask and let's swim on in. If you enjoyed the Unofficial SeaWorld Podcast please send us an email to or call us at 530-289-6722 or tweet at us at @SeaWorldPodcast @SeaWorldMike @SeaWorldErin @SeaWorldEric Have a Whale of a Day!

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