SeaWorld Podcast Ep 20 - Interviews with Bindi Irwin Julie Scardina and Tim Morrow


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The Unofficial Seaworld Podcast team is back with an amazing episode with 3 incredible interviews! In this episode we talk to SeaWorld's new Youth Ambassador Bindi Irwin about her new along with what kids will be able to do with Generation Nature, and SeaWorld Kids.

We also talk to SeaWorld Animal Ambassador and corporate curator Julie Scardina about her amazing role at SeaWorld, and how SeaWorld is working around the globe on animal conservation to help conserve and preserve wildlife and wild places.

Erin talks with Aquatica San Antonio Vice President Tim Morrow about the new aviary coming to Aquatica, what the guest experience will be, and what guests can expect when it opens this May.

Mike also shares information about Super Fan meets up in San Diego and San Antonio, and we also announce a winner to our contest announced in the last episode.

So get ready to have you mind blown, as you listen to the latest episode of the Unofficial SeaWorld Podcast with your hosts Eric, Mike and Erin.

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