Unofficial SeaWorld Podcast Episode 9 - BlackFish the movie rebuttal and behind the scenes at Antarctica


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In this episode of the Unofficial SeaWorld Podcast we go behind the scenes at Antarctica, we go live on location where SeaWorld returns 4 rescued and rehabilitated Manatees back into the wild. We also talk to SeaWorld Superfan @GlenC1212 about why he likes SeaWorld.

Eric & Mike also take on the movie BlackFish, and examine what is factually incorrect, and rebute assertions made by the movie about BlackFish.

SeaWorld Superfan Victoria hosts the first Animal Spotlight segment, giving us an update on the plight of Sea Otters in the wild, and how SeaWorld is helping people get close and protect these endangered animals.

We also end the show with a great Explore A Park segment, where we take you to Shamu Rocks, where you can virtually enjoy SeaWorld Summer Nights with us.

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