Unofficial SeaWorld Podcast Episode 3 - Interview with Brian Morrow and Sea Lion Rescues in San Diego


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Hello everyone, we are thrilled to bring you episode 3 of the Unofficial SeaWorld Podcast where we talk about all the latest news, rumors, rescues, history and more about your favorite SeaWorld parks in Orlando, San Diego and San Antonio.

In this epsidoe we have an incredible exclusive interview with Brian Morrow the creative mind behind Manta, Turtle Trek 4-D and Antartcia: Empire of the Penguins, about his creative process, what research SeaWorld conducted before building Antartica, and what the emotional journey will be!

We also discuss troubling marine mamal news on both Coasts where Manatees in Florida have been dying, and Sea Lions in California are beaching themselves in record numbers, and we discuss how SeaWorld's Rescue teams, and the Hubb-SeaWorld Research teams are helping with these tragedies.

We also invite you to explore the park with us, as we listen to Clyde and Seymore Take Pirate Island. So sit back relax, and dive in!

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