A Conversation with Spero Latchis (S3035)


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Today I have a conversation with Spero Latchis, a senior homeopath now living in Portland, Maine, though as you will hear in our conversation, he has had a unique and wide ranging career that’s taken him from Vermont, to India, and now here to Portland.

I’m late getting this podcast out and for that I apologize…. summer comes a bit fast and furious here to Maine after a slow spring and I got a bit swept up in the seasonal change- it’s hard to sit behind the desk and microphone when its barefoot season and the garden is growing.

So many great things came up in my conversation with Spero, in particular I was very intrigued by his suggestion to read Constatine Herrings’ article about how to study a remedy. I read it pretty quickly after I talked to Spero- and then I set about putting it to the test.

Because I’m an audiophile, and I think we often absorb information differently when we hear it, I’m publishing a second part to this interview, which is me reading the Herring article. I’ll put out one more episode this summer with a review of the process.

I would like to invite you- my listeners- to also put this Herring process to the test. Study a small group of remedies ,following Herring’s advice and protocol, and tell me about it!

Does it work for you?

Did you achieve a deeper level of understanding of the remedy?

Did you find it easier to remember and compare to similar remedies?

How does it compare to how you typically approach MM study?

Without going too far into it, because I’ll save that for the next episode- I think Herring struck some gold here, but if I can be so bold as to critique Herring- he didn’t go far enough and we can build upon this and create a truly comprehensive, deep framework for study that will improve our grasp of MM overall and therefore influence our presribign and outcomes.

So enough teasers, listen to my conversetion here with Spero, check out my audio version of Herring’s article and then start studying!!

Email me your thoughts and experience at concentrichealing@gmail.com

or hop on the Facebook page and share your experience there I will open up a thread for that.

If you get super into it, I would be interested in connecting with you on Skype to talk about it as well and feature some of those conversations in the next espidose.

So wherever you are, be well, study deep, and stay observant. -

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