How To Buy and Flip Land If You Don't Live In The USA - Featuring John Baesler


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John Baesler lives in Germany and is a full-time land flipper. In this episode, he discusses how he is able to operate his business remotely using the Investment Dominator to automate many of the processes needed to flip land. You'll find out what you need to keep in mind in order to ensure that your systems run as smooth as possible.

John is also one of our land flipping coaches and works with many international land flippers in order to help them set up their own businesses and attain financial freedom of their own.

What's inside:

  • Find out how to run a land flipping business from outside the USA
  • Discover why John Baesler quit his job to become a land flipper
  • Learn how the Investment Dominator automates and streamlines your business
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