Supply Chain Cyberattack


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The Solarwinds Supply Chain Cyberattacks have huge implications on the level of sophistication, coordination and source of funding.

In this episode of Ransomware Battleground, we will go over the root causes why Infecting the legitimate software updates of a widely used vendor can be an effective way to covertly inject malware into a large number of organizations. According to Dark Reading, over 18,000 organizations possibly compromised in massive supply-chain cyberattack, nation-state attackers used poisoned SolarWinds network management software updates to distribute malware; US government orders federal civilian agencies to immediately power down the technology. Let's break it down with the CISO experts in public sector - Mike Davis and Simon Mijolovic. Ritesh Agrawal, CEO of Airgap Networks, will brainstorm the Zero Trust Security guidelines among all devices and applications.

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