66: Bad-ass Seven-Year-Olds, New Middle Class Income, and Like the Jetsons


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We recorded an early morning show as a change. It was just too nice to stay inside all day.
On today's show:

  • Masking issues
  • Howard Dean, staunch capitalist
  • Racism is declared a public health emergency in Vermont
  • How hard is it to check for radon?
  • No statute of limitations on physical abuse civil suits
  • No longer suspending/expelling little kids
  • Victims notified of offender's release
  • Search for new police chief
  • Dartmouth lets Adam know how poor he is
  • Ferry won't be sunk
  • Electric aviation in BTV
  • More Koffee Cup shadiness
  • Schools illegally use funds for resource officers
  • Difficult to collect info on policing
  • LGBTQ artwork vandalized in Hinesburg
  • What's up with Granite City Grocery?
  • Swanton kid is getting his ride pimped
  • Scumbag map
  • Owen Wilson to play a Vermont painter (filming in NY)
  • Chinese products pulled from Amazon
  • Some lockdown stats
  • Good/bad dog stories
  • 1000 feral cats
  • Cat jumps five stories and survives
  • Chinese overfish for arthritis cure
  • A bad, bad BBQ list

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