67: Killin the Memes, Montpelier Don't Know How to Party, and Mother Teresa Gets Her Due


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I've been lazy about reaching to new Vermont bands. I'll get back on it next week. Enjoy some music from some older favorites, from Burlington to Manchester, Vermont. Rock, rock on.
On today's show:

  • COVID numbers
  • Paying for new Vermonters
  • New week; new reason to fire Michael Harrington
  • Burlington electric raises rates
  • Kurn Hattin stays open because....
  • Missing Barre man gets fishy
  • Guns in hospitals
  • Weed Bill
  • City Market masks
  • Overdoses are up (and ignored)
  • Hinesburg fire chief's homophobic comments are unsurprising
  • Craft beer sexism allegations
  • 1st all-female ambulance crew in BTV
  • Saint J coverts a jail
  • What is an armory anyway?
  • Birds vs Solar in Middlebury
  • Proms come back
  • The anti-Holiday Inn
  • Camping outside for homelessness
  • Get paid to quit drinking
  • Saint Albans yard sale rules
  • Scumbag map
  • Swanton food trucks are back
  • Clinic for low-income pet owners
  • Do animals laugh?
  • Angelina Jolie and bees
  • Dolphins getting high on puffer fish
  • Best summer travel destinations
  • It's okay to kiss and hug your chickens

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Intro/Outro Music by B-Complex: http://www.bcomplexproductions.com/home.html
1st Break music: The Couchsleepers – In My Head
The Couchsleepers: Instagram, Tiktok, and Spotify .

2nd Break Music: Tha HorsemenFeel the Vibe
Tha Horsemen Music: https://www.facebook.com/thahorsemenent

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