[MM]25. Aaron Larkin and Matt Laviolette


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In this episode, we talk with Aaron Larkin and Matt Laviolette, Co-Founders of Breakout Funds. Breakout Funds, LLC ("Breakout") incorporates quantitative global macro thematic views with current news events to place discretionary short term concentrated trades in futures markets. Our trading approach draws on a combined 30 years of experience in the proprietary trading space where we have learned that protecting principal is the primary goal of any trading strategy. We believe that there is always an underlying theme that shapes the direction of the market, and it is our goal to adapt and implement strategies suitable for each particular market regime.

We talk about Matt and Aaron's background as Prop traders. How they use a multi-filter approach to trading the global macro environment. They wait until all their setups line up. Take concentrated positions with very tight stop losses, coming from their days as prop traders. We also talk about unique event risks.

I hope you enjoy Aaron and Matt's insights as much as I did...

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