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Chindah Chindah, the 28th child in a family of 36 children, but dropped to the 11th child of 20 children alive. He lost 16 brothers and sisters to various illnesses during the Nigerian civil war and post-war era. His late dad had 68 grandchildren and 25 great-grandchildren with 3 wives. His early life was not glamorous and exciting at all. But he learned early on to make the best of his resources, refusing to let limitations derail him from his life's purpose.

He is an Award Winning Motivational and Transformational Speaker, a Certified Life, Relationship, and Performance coach. An NLP Practitioner, Best Selling Author, Entrepreneur, Preacher, Senior IT Consultant, Passionate Youths & Young Adults Leader & Mentor.

He is the founder of the following organizations: Limitless Life Pro Academy, Married Life Management, CARE Ministry & 4XL Telecoms, UK.

He wrote two bestselling books: What Can I Do to Make My Marriage Work? And The Power Of Personal Change.

He teaches and mentors young generations to rise to the challenges and changing times, to develop into an accountable and responsible leader of tomorrow with a distinctive and high-performing mindset, while retaining their identity of their best and highest self.

He coaches mature single adults, engaged persons, newlyweds, the married, single parents, separated and the divorced, to find their unique relationships and personality differences, to responsibly manage and overcome all relationships pain points, to create and build a relationship that is stable, strong, and satisfying throughout their lives together.

He educates, empowers, and enlightens purpose-driven individuals to find their purpose, develop their inherent God’s given strengths, in creating a high-performing life in their career, business, and family.

He is a passionate, God-lover and a sent preacher to declare God’s word and deliver God’s people from all satanic strongholds due to the captivity of sinful living. He considers Pentecostal evangelization as the only greatest and highest calling of his life while on the earth.
He is married to his God-fearing, gorgeous, and beautiful wife, Chimzi for the past 12 years and they both have two adorable and talented boys, Chris, and Cedric. He resides in England, UK, where he oversees all his secular, business, speaking, and spiritual engagements.

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