BCA Research's Berezin on 'The Crypto Impossibility Theorem'


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Peter Berezin, chief global strategist and director of research at BCA Research, discusses the "Crypto Impossibility Theorem' -- which states that cryptocurrencies will only be viable if they can offer a higher return than stocks, and why he believes that won't happen, and will lead to struggles that distract the market and slow appreciation. In the long run, he expects interest in cryptocurrencies to diminish and the market to benefit as a result. Also on the show, Mike Brown of Expertise.com discusses the high percentage of consumers who bought insurance policies during the pandemic but now wish they hadn't made the purchase, Kyle Guske of New Constructs highlights the problems inherent to 'street earnings' in The Danger Zone, and Chuck answers an audience member's question about bond investments in a rising-rate environment.

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