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An AP investigation finds that the military has a bunch of weapons missing. McCarthy vows Republicans will remove Ilhan Omar from the Foreign Affairs committee if they take power. Republicans just killed COVID unemployment benefits in these states. McConnell has Dems shook by pitching his plan (again) to block another SCOTUS pick from Dems if a seat is vacant near the end of Biden’s term… if Republicans win control in 2022. Texas’s ERCOT is now warning customers to not cool their houses in the current extreme heatwave, or the grid will fail them again - but Governor Abbott has been focused on signing an anti-choice bill into law. Newly released documents show that Trump and Mark Meadows tried pressuring the DOJ to take up election fraud claims in attempts to overturn Trump’s loss. Fox News pundit spells out how Republicans could steal the 2024 election. Violent and unruly passengers on flights have been on the rise, and it doesn’t appear to be ending soon. Charlie Kirk says home delivery of marijuana is ‘actually slavery.’ Trump is having trouble getting a book deal because he’s an enormous liar, so he’s fittingly lying about how many offers he’s getting for so much money.

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