Lunch Hour Legal Marketing : Pricing to Get Hired: Bridging the Gap Between Lawyers & Clients


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The latest news about Google’s update to Core Web Vitals has led to a flurry of opportunistic emails from SEO companies offering their services to “fix” problem points for firms. Gyi and Conrad offer some reassurance, buyer beware tips, and what to focus on with this latest Google rollout.

Their predictions for further market consolidations hit the mark again, this time with news of the acquisition of SEO industry leader Moz by IContact Marketing Corp. Rounding out the news, they explain what’s new about Google’s new tool, Search Console Insights.

Diving deeper into Clio’s information-rich Legal Trends Report, Gyi and Conrad welcome Friend of the Podcast George Psiharis to talk about lawyer hireability and the disconnect between what lawyers think clients want and what clients say they want from their lawyers.

The three discuss how the disconnect makes sense but how fixing the issues isn’t necessarily so simple.

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