A historic NFL moment & playing Roster Doctor with Lindsay Jones & Nate Tice


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Which NFL rosters have improved the most headed into 2021? Which teams worry us the most? And which ones fall into our "What the Hell?" category? Nate Tice and Lindsay Jones both bring team names to the table as Robert Mays leads the crew through their 2021 Roster Doctor segment assessing the best and worst rosters in the NFL.


Best Rosters

Bucs, Packers, Chiefs, Browns, Bills, Packers

Worst Rosters

Texans, Lions, Jags, Panthers, Eagles

Best Offensive Depth Charts

Chiefs, Bucs, Browns, Cowboys

Sneaky Good Offenses

Rams, Vikings, Patriots, Washington

Offenses that Worry Us

Panthers, Bears, Steelers

Best Defensive Depth Charts

Ravens, Bucs, Broncos, Steelers

Sneaky Good Defenses

Washington, Packers, Giants

Defenses that Worry Us

Titans, Cowboys, Raiders

Best Position Groups

Washington’s Front 4, Bucs WRs, Browns RBs, Titans WRs, Patriots TEs, Browns O-Line, Steelers Defensive Front, Cowboys WRs

Most Improved Position Groups

Browns Secondary, Chargers O-Line

“What the Hell?” Position Groups

Broncos QBs, Steelers O-Line, Panthers O-Line, Giants O-Line

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