Pandemic forced a focus on life's 'most important things'


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More than nine in 10 retirees now agree that having a purpose -- and typically a purpose that revolves around family, but also on staying fit and active and possibly semi-employed -- is a key to a successful retirement, with the focus on purpose seemingly coming out of the slowdown and malaise of the pandemic. Scott Thoma from Edward Jones discusses those results from a recent survey, and how the pandemic has made people reset, reconsider and reprioritize their retirement plans. Also on the show, Brian Dress of Left Brain Investment Research examines Revolve Group, an online retailer with growth prospects beyond the reopening that make it an ideal recovery play, Ray Kennedy of Hotchkis and Wiley talks high yield investing specifically and fixed-income more broadly, and Randy Warren of Warren Financial mixes fundamentals, with top-down analysis and some technicals to select stocks in the Market Call.

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