A Stress-Free Guide to Building Community Through Hospitality (Ft. Kayty Helgerson)


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Hospitality can be intimidating, especially when you always compare yourself to the friend who makes Pinterest-worthy appetizers and went to culinary school.

If you’ve just about given up on opening your doors, then get ready to hear this candid conversation between Jordan and Kayty Helgerson from Gather Intentional Living. Kayty’s on a mission to equip and inspire the everyday host and debunk hospitality so that it’s no longer an unattainable, stress-inducing, high-pressure performance.

Set aside what you think you know about hospitality and tune in to learn:

  • What the real purpose of hospitality is
  • How to make hosting less stressful and more fun
  • Ways to use lighting, space, and music to set the mood for your event
  • Advice for hosting with dietary restrictions
  • Top tips to create a Pinterest-worthy charcuterie board
  • How to host when you aren’t in your dream home

To learn more about hospitality from Kayty, and to access other helpful resources and workshops, check out gatherintentionalliving.com.

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