AGF's Valliere: 'The market isn't fearful of a breakout of inflation or rates'


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Greg Valliere, chief U.S. policy strategist at AGF Investments, says that the Federal Reserve wants the economy to run hot and is likely to let things keep rolling longer before raising rates to potentially put the brakes on. That, he says, will be well down the line, as he expects a good economy -- though not necessarily great -- for the next few quarters. He notes that a key factor will be monetary policy, but he notes that the current yield on Treasuries is a sign that the market is not fearful of an imminent breakout of inflation or rates, which is why a recession is 'not remotely imminent.' Also on the show, Dan Omstead of Tekla Capital -- which runs four health-care oriented closed-end funds -- discusses the post-pandemic outlook for biotech and healthcare investing, and Eric Lynch of the Scharf Funds talks about 'quality relative value investing' in the Market Call.

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