Should you Keep your Relationship Private on Social Media?


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Is your relationship Private or Public?

This is a question that takes on a new meaning today. In the past to say your relationship was private (a.k.a secret) meant you didn’t tell anyone about your relationship. For example, your friends, family and others in your community didn’t know about or had little details of your relationship. Today this isn’t how many define a private relationship. Today a private relationship is one that is not posted on social media for the world to see. This is regardless if your family, friends and close community know about your relationship.

If you’re not posting your relationship on social media today, there is an idea that you’re keeping it secret or private.

People approach social media differently, for some they post pictures of everything they do and for others they are more conservative and intentional as to the things that they post. This raises the question when it comes to relationships; what should you post? Should you keep your relationship private on social media?

Social media isn’t good or bad, it’s an instrument or tool.

When answering the question, should you keep your relationship private there isn’t necessarily a right or wrong approach, rather one has to look at their life, their values and decide what is best for them. There are many different variables and pressures that come with posting or NOT posting on social media. There are also healthy and possibly unhealthy motives of why one post or DOES NOT post their relationship. In this episode we explore all these variables and give our thoughts as to things you can be mindful of as you navigate social media and relationships.

What say you? Please leave in the comments your take on this question should people post about the relationship on social media?

Hosted by Pastor Brian Wallace and Keonte McDonald

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