35. Basics vs Luxuries: 120 Years of Perspective


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In today's show, we zoom out and look at how much our lifestyles have changed in the last 20, 70, 120 years.
What did people used to spend their money on compared to today? How much did people have left after paying their bills, and how has that changed over time?
Discussion points...

  • What was life and household spending like in 1900? (02:42)
  • Lifestyles, work changes, and purchasing power by 1950 (07:36)
  • How far our wealth and incomes stretch in the year 2000 (13:25)
  • Changes in lifestyle and where our money goes in 2021 (21:16)
  • Why it's so hard to keep things in perspective (25:03)
  • What can we learn from all this? (28:00)
  • The internet makes everyone feel poor (32:30)
  • Summary and final thoughts (35:24)

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