TrouperCast | Seema Siddiqui | World Mental Health Day - 2021 | S1 E4


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This is episode 4 of TrouperCast, your one-stop shop on all things education and the arts. I am Jeremy Solomon and with me today is Seema Siddiqui.
Seema is a certified Mental Health Counselor from Parivarthan Counseling, Training and Research Center; and has worked with adults, children, adolescents and their families. She is passionate about helping people find their authentic selves and their relationship through processing thoughts, feelings and discovery.
As a dedicated psychology teacher and counselor for A and AS levels, she believes her students should be equipped in understanding the subject at its best and enjoy learning it.
Join us as we discuss, among other things, the importance of mental and emotional well-being; mental health in education and academia; and creating awareness on mental health.

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