Greater London Area Investment Opportunities!


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Guest: Justin Konikow, Realtor & Real Estate Investor

Justin shared some amazing insider information for investors! Did you know that Amazon is building a warehouse in Talbotville, just outside of St. Thomas? This is going to radically change the area as many businesses will follow suit. St. Thomas is also on the radar with a massive mixed-use development happening downtown. Listen to the full interview for many tips and tricks so as to how to find out which trends matter to investors and how to find deals even in hot markets. Justin is a wealth of knowledge and he specializes in the Greater London Area. Look for stale listings and opportunities that others have overlooked. Pre-contruction is now a hot product in Port Stanley, London, and many of the smaller towns. Amazing opportunities abound in the Grand Bend area as well. Take some notes and call Justin and his team to get started today!

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In this episode you will learn about:

  • Focusing on transit-oriented
  • How to mitigate risk in land development
  • It’s all about relationships
  • What does the city support?
  • Go with the flow to scale up
  • The importance of the city’s official plan – it’s a treasure map!
  • Look for areas meant for intensification

Get in touch with Justin:

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