Ep. 174 - Q&A: Short-lived cars, missing Larry Bars, turbo-six Falcon Supercar


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You’ve asked, we’re answering! Aaron Noonan and Will Dale tackle your questions in a Q&A edition of the V8 Sleuth Podcast powered by Repco.

Some of the topics we tackle in this episode thanks to your questions:
- The chassis that have done the least amount of laps before being written off
- How many Car of the Future chassis have been built
- Cars that won the championship but never raced in the Bathurst 500 or 1000
- Were AU Falcons and VX Commodores updated to Project Blueprint
- The whereabouts of Paul Morris’ 2001 Calder-winning Commodore
- The history of a V8 Supercar that later had a turbocharged six-cylinder engine fitted
- The story behind Larry Perkins’ brief stint with Dick Johnson
- And plenty more!

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