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Stephen’s faith in the Justice Department was restored today when ten so-called Oath Keepers were charged with sedition for their participation in the Jan. 6th attack. In covid news, experts think Omicron has hit its peak in the United States, with case numbers on the East Coast already starting to fall. Next, to celebrate the NFL post-season, we got famous film directors and the NFL to come together For Stephen's Super Bowl Special last year, debuting for the first time in front of his live studio audience. Then “Ray Donovan” himself, Liev Schreiber, returns to The Late Show for a three part interview with Stephen Colbert. Listen as they kick things off with a look at how Liev spent his holidays, playing music on an old Casio keyboard while quarantined on vacation in Chile. Catch Liev in “Ray Donovan: The Movie,” available now on Showtime.

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