EP. #176: Is Shame Driving Your Emotional Eating?


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Do you eat to avoid feeling shame?

Do you feel shame because your body doesn’t conform to societal ideas of what it should look like?

Do you feel shame about your food choices or how much you eat?

Were you ever told that you were somehow inadequate because of your body size?

Or because you chose to wear certain clothing that revealed too much of a body that someone thought was not worthy of being revealed?

As a child or adult, did people make comments about your weight, including your parents, siblings or friends?

Were you bullied in school, in sports or on the playground because of your weight?

Did your parents use shame to get you to behave the way they wanted you to?

Any of these things can cause feelings of shame.

What is shame anyway? How does it differ from guilt?

That’s a lot of questions!

Stay tuned to learn about shame and how it could be at the root of your issues with food and eating, and what you can do to manage or eliminate those feelings.

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