CHURCHOUSE with Chris Clayton


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On this episode I had a great conversation with my good friend Chris Clayton. Chris is a Nashville based, producer, songwriter and worship leader. He has a passion to help serve artists to equip them and their churches with impactful music glorifying the name of Jesus.
I met Chris in 2017 at a Kingdom Songs event and he has been a personal champion and encourager to me along the journey. Whether in the studio, leading worship, or in the writing room he is always looking to serve people the best way he can.
Chris walked though his process of producing live records and everything that goes into it. He shared how he wears many hats including producer, writer, worship leader and Pastor all while working with churches and artist's on their worship projects. He said it goes so much deeper than just making records and that there is a ton of heart and care involved in every step of the process.
I know that you will be encouraged by this episode and to connect with Christ head to:

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