66. S2: BONUS My Frontier Airlines Disaster | True Crime IRL (pro tip: listen at 1.5x speed)


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*LISTEN on 1.5x SPEED* I don’t know why the audio on this is SO SLOW, maybe it’s because it’s on my phone. Sorry. But I would speed it up if I were you. ;-) Thank you to everyone who came out to our Denver, Colorado shows! I was joined by Justin from Generation Why, Eric from True Consequences, and Whitney & Melissa from Cults, Crimes & Cabernet. Today I’m explaining to you why there’s no new episode this week. Have you had any issues with Frontier Airlines? If so, what did they do to help you (if anything)? There are so many negative reviews out there, and I’m now understanding why. Customer service like this should be a crime and my heart goes everyone who has lost their stuff or had nobody listen to them when things like this happen. The airline industry is truly a wreck right now and I just don’t know what the future holds for air travel, but I will try to drive as much as possible. It’s almost not worth the trouble to fly. Frontier Airlines...shame on you. Kelli Berens-Brink | TrueCrimeIRL.com --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/truecrimeirl/support

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