New Program To Help Residents Stay In Their Homes, Pay Bills


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This has been a busy week for news locally, nationally and internationally. The United States and it allies are threatening Russia with economic sanctions if Valdimir Putin invades Ukraine. Nationally, the IRS is warning people to expect delays in tax refunds this year because the IRS is shorthanded and overloaded with tax returns from last year. Locally, the state of Michigan is launching a new program to help qualified homeowners pay their bills and stay in their homes. The state is also asking residents who need help with the home heating credit to apply as soon as possible. Journalist Khalil Hachem discussed the standoff with Russia with Dr. Brad Roth, a professor of Political Science and Law and Director of Undergraduate Studies, Department of Political Science at Wayne State University. Mary Townley, director of Homeownership with the state of Michigan, discussed the state’s assistance program. Ron Leix, spokesperson for the Michigan Department of Treasury, discussed the home heating credit and give tips on filing tax returns. The episode was broadcast: 18/2/2022 US Arab Radio can be heard on wnzk 690 AM, WDMV 700 AM, and WPAT 930 AM. Please visit: Web site : Online Radio: Twitter : Instagram : Youtube : US Arab Radio

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