Lawrence of Arabia


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Lawrence of Arabia is the stuff of legend. There have been numerous books written and films made about him, but who was T.E. Lawrence actually? What made this man with so many talents, who was also immensely brave and resourceful, act and think as he did? Our 40th Episode explores some of the possible reasons.




  • T.E. Lawrence is buried in the churchyard of St. Nicolas’ Church in Moreton, Dorset, but there is a memorial bust of Lawrence located in St. Paul’s Cathedral in London.
  • Even though we mentioned it, we never did get around to discussing the Allenby Rule. Per the 1962 film, when in Damascus and a large fire broke out, one of General Allenby’s subordinates asked him, “What should be done?” to which Allenby replied, “Nothing, it’s usually best.” So, when a problem arises and you’re faced with a myriad of options, often your best choice is to do nothing, i.e., the Allenby Rule.

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