154. The Liver King Podcast! With Brian Johnson, aka Liver King


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Liver King is the CEO of the Ancestral Lifestyle. He's the author of The 9 Ancestral Tenets, an evolutionary hunter, and Barbarian world record holder. Go to www.liverking.com

Time stamps:

00:07:54 Podcast begins

00:08:39 A day in the life of Liver King

00:10:09 Thoughts on raw eggs/meat and salmonella/E. Coli

00:13:24 What does Liver King eat in a day and thoughts on supplements.

00:18:14 Does Liver King use PED’s and steroids?

00:25:14 Liver King’s trip to Africa + drinking blood

00:39:54 Liver King’s challenges with the tribes Africa

00:42:16 Primitive cultures versus the modern world’s thoughts on death, materials, and social media

00:47:14 Liver King’s journey to appreciating the ancestral lifestyle and his kids journey through recovering from allergies

00:54:29 The evolution of Liver King’s diet

00:57:24 Transitioning children to animal based eating and an active lifestyle

01:05:59 The genesis of Liver King and taking his message to social media

01:13:00 Collaboration of Liver King + Carnivore MD and starting Ancestral Supplements

1:23:24 Barbarian across the Brooklyn Bridge

1:30:14 Nine ancestral tenets


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