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This episode is about tips for introverts who want to create a Personal Brand by Sina Port. Personal Branding for introverts can seem overwhelming. You want to be seen, but at the same time, you don't. But although a lot of people think you need to be out there all the time to build a brand, there are more ways to create a positive reputation and brand recognition for yourself! Here are 9 perfect brand secrets for introverts (and introverted extroverts like me).

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Being an introvert isn't as extreme as you might think. You can be anywhere on the spectrum between being introverted and extroverted. 75% of people are actually anywhere between the two extremes! But whatever personality type you might lean towards: Building a Personal Brand is important for your career success! So let's talk about the branding strategies you need to succeed!

0:45 Meaning of being an Introvert
1:30 Signs of being an introvert
2:20 Tip 1: People that follow you (and 1000 true fans)
4:50 Tip 2: Self Promotion vs Value Promotion
5:50 Tip 3: Faceless Branding
6:50 Tip 4: Purpose-driven Branding
8:20 Tip 5: Mood & Energy management
9:50 Tip 6: Introvert Brand Collaborations
12:20 Tip 7: Practice (running a campaign)
13:40 Tip 8: Website
14:10 Tip 9: Comfort Content Creation

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