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On this episode of the Delaware Blogger Podcast I am talking about hardware and software used by podcasters as written in my Podcasting Your Purpose eBook.
BTW - I am interviewing speakers for a podcast highlighting TEDxWilmington on April 30th at The Mill in Wilmington and I am looking forward to using my portable mics and headphones and recording in a small space that is perfect for podcasting.
Hardware & Software for Podcasters

Podcasts are awesome because they have such a low barrier to entry. You can start recording a podcast with your smartphone, headphones or earbuds and grow your way into a full blown podcasting studio. Just remember, your content is the most important part. Nobody listens to a boring podcast just because it has great sound quality.
Microphones that I have used:

Audio-Technica ATR2100X on Amazon
ShureMV7 - on Amazon
Blue Yeti
Headphones that I have used:

Panasonic on Amazon
Audio Technica ATH-M20x
What editing software are you going to use?

• Garage Band – Free on Mac
• Audacity – Free for Mac, PC, and Linux

Tip: If you’re doing remote interviews, I recommend creating an account on Zoom, Skype or Free Conference Call.
Using a portable recording booth will eliminate unwanted noise. A Sound Recording Booth Cube Shield will dampen external sounds that distracts from your recordings.

Acoustic foam platform pads and acoustic tiles block off outside noise such as air conditioning or computer fans, reduces sound reflections or echos and unwanted acoustic interference, soundproof filters will let you record like a pro. Recording in your walk in closet is also a great alternative.

Portable Recording Booths

Microphone Foam Booth - on Amazon
Aokeo Microphone Isolation Shield - on Amazon
Acoustic Tiles - on Amazon
If you wish to sign up for the 5-Week Podcasting Your Purpose Coaching, please send an email to info@ablakeenterprises.com

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