Talk Heathen 06.17 04-24-2022 with Kenneth Leonard and Forrest Valkai


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In today’s episode of Talk Heathen, we have Kenneth Leonard joined by Forrest Valkai who will fire away questions for theists to ponder. First caller is Nicholas from MO who is expressing the benefits of believing and how it makes him happy. He also believes that god’s morality is the basis for existence and if there is a god, then we should be afraid of him. He talks about the Bible being old and the apostles dying for their beliefs. Consider the questions the hosts ask the caller: How much do you care about whether or not your beliefs are true? What happens when someone believes that blowing people up in a market makes themselves happy? Do people dying for beliefs make the claims true? If we are only talking about utility, can conflicting beliefs both be true at the same time? When is it time to believe a claim? What does the age of a book have to do with whether it’s contents are true? How do you know that the religion you picked is the right one? You must have evidence that god exists in the first place. Just because something is useful, does not make it true. If you can show us evidence that your claims are true, then we will have to come with you. Rex in SC who has some questions about the possibilities of living in a future simulation. He is asking if it is reasonable to believe this hypothetical. We need to be careful with the terms we use and distinguish between reasonable, probable and possible. This whole idea hinges on the word, “if”. The one thing we can prove for sure is that we exist. Michael in CA is next who helps out the homeless by providing needed services in different areas, and he does this without god. The reason is to help people, and not because of god or religion. Be a good person because it is the right thing to do, not because someone is telling you to do it. What goes through your head when someone tells you that you can’t be good without a god? The idea that a fear of hell needs to be there for people to do good is just absurd. You don’t have to believe anything that is not true before you go out and be a good person. Ruth in CA has some comments about the belief of people healing faster when they believe and that her atheist body heals just as fast as others who have faith. She also makes the connection between debating science deniers and debating Flat Earthers. Forrest mentions that in these situations, there is value to the entire conversation being published so that others can benefit. This discussion turned to the popular question theists love: If we came from monkeys, then why are there still monkeys? Because we did not evolve from monkeys. People who ask this think that monkeys are less evolved than humans and there is a hierarchy of existence. Thank you everyone for tuning in to today’s show! Theists please call in and be prepared to answer questions! Thank you to all the essential workers for continuing to show up and all that you do. See you next week!

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