08. The Secret behind why you are Missing the Miracles God is and has Performed in your Life. (Mamas Partnering With God Series Episode 2)


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Hey Mama!

This episode is a little deeper, digging into why we miss the miracles in our lives. Without giving too much away it's due to the fact that we allow our hearts to be hardened against God.

Life is a struggle and when we are so close to a situation and can't see the whole picture it's easier to fall away rather than cling on to God, because we start to blame Him that we are in the situation along with so many other reasons.

Life isn't easy and the World has led us to believe that we should be able to snap our fingers and have an answer right now. Patience isn't something the world worries about. It focuses on hustle and self which only tears us down and away from what we truly need.

A relationship with God.

I invite you to go listen to today’s episode so that you can know the signs of a hardened heart and prevent the hardening of your heart in the future. Then come over to the Mamas Partnering with God Facebook Group so that we can continue the conversation, connect and support each other.

xo Molly

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