163. Live AMA (Ask Me Anything) at the 2022 Animal Based Gathering


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On this episode of Fundamental Health, Paul fields a wide variety of questions from attendees at the second annual Animal Based Gathering in Santa Teresa, Costa Rica. Time Stamps:

00:09:42 Podcast begins

00:10:30 How much protein we should eat as we age depending on how much we weigh and how much we move

00:16:00 Does eating excess liver cause copper toxicity or reduce stomach acid?

00:19:00 Should we change our diet even if we think we’re thriving?

00:22:30 Can we be allergic to meat?

00:27:10 Is it okay for our LDL and triglycerides to rise when we increase our saturated fat?

00:34:50 Where can we get iodine aside from seafood and kelp?

00:39:00 Thoughts on high levels on deuterium in fruit

00:40:05 Suggestions on keeping tabs on breast cancer

00:43:45 Overcoming food sensitivity and thoughts on food sensitivity tests

00:47:10 Should we take supplements to heal through a lifestyle change?

00:51:16 Thoughts on low baseline sugar levels

00:56:10 Side effects of eggs and thoughts on eggs

00:59:10 Thought on antibiotics

1:04:30 Insulin resistance beginning in the fat cell

1:10:39 Is linoleic acid harmful in all foods?

1:12:30 Anecdote on skin healing

1:16:00 Sugars versus starches?

1:19:00 Methionine glycine balance and thoughts on bone broth

1:22:40 Does liver accumulate heavy metals? Should we be careful about sourcing for liver?

1:24:39 Thoughts on exposure to parasites

1:31:28 How to maintain animal based when on the go

1:33:30 Responding to clinicians that consider animal based disordered eating

1:37:05 Ketosis and mental illness

1:39:40 Speaking on the Animal Based family

1:44:50 Thoughts on remineralizing water and routine testing/labs

1:52:15 Longevity of our ancestors

1:58:42 How should we incorporate fruit and honey for ourselves and our kids?

2:01:40 Animal based eating for women’s hormones and pregnancy


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