Ep 272: From Depression & Anxiety to Complete Healing in Christ


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Today’s episode is about health, wellness and healing: something we ALL need.

Meet Tiffani Patlan. Sister in Christ. Motivational Speaker, Podcast Host, Bestselling Author, Entrepreneur, and CEO. Tiffani uses her experience of overcoming a life of abuse to help other women discover their unique path to healing and happiness!

Listen to learn:

  • The 3 keys to wellness
  • The 'why' behind Tiffani's book called: Unlocking Your Ability to Heal
  • The importance of identifying root causes on the healing journey
  • The difference between coping and healing (v. being 'addicted' to healing)
  • Practical steps to healing

“Healing is how you reclaim your power” – Tiffani

Find out more about Tiffani: https://tiffanipatlan.com

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