How to Stop Overthinking and Start Moving Forward in Your Business with Kim Dawson


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Do you ever feel like you’re working all of the time, but not making progress? Is the *work* you’re doing more thinking and less action? Do you struggle to make decisions in your business because you fear making mistakes? Overthinking, or as some call it “Analysis Paralysis” affects many of us, especially entrepreneurs. We get stuck in thinking mode, preventing us from moving into action mode.

On this episode of the Sassy Strategist Podcast, host Kim Dawson discusses her own personal struggles with overthinking, over-analysis, and fear of making mistakes. She shares how she works to overcome these, and the steps to take to find clarity when making decisions, and easily transition from overthinking into taking action and moving forward.


Kim Dawson is a results-driven business strategist and an expert at turning a good business into a great one. Her clients have reached their current capacity and need to make changes in order to generate more profits and get their time back! With over 20 years of entrepreneurship and accounting experience, Kim helps small businesses optimize their pricing and procedures while navigating niche markets and building a team without cutting into their profitability.

If you’re ready to transition from day-to-day service provider to CEO, book a discovery call with Kim at

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