The Atheist Experience 26.24 06-12-2022 with Secular Rarity and Dave Warnock


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In today’s episode of the Atheist Experience, Secular Rarity is joined by Dave Warnock. First up is Sebastian from IL who is calling to voice their disagreement with Matt’s bodily autonomy abortion argument. Next up is George from MD who is looking for advice for talking to their girlfriend who is a Young-Earth Creationist & biblical literalist. The caller wants to know how to go about approaching them about this subject to potentially start them changing their mind. Next is Karol from Europe who apparently has a certain set of conditions that apparently, somehow, help indicate that heaven and hell “might” be real. Loving these odds so far. Up next is Nikki from OR who is once again calling to tell everyone that they believe in God now after years of being Atheist, but still refuses to answer the host’s question regarding why they believe. Vincent from UT is calling to discuss the relationship between humans and our flavor of consciousness, to use Secular Rarity’s term, compared to other animals, and whether that flavor is a byproduct of our surroundings or god. Next, Anto from Italy has video evidence of flying people. Honestly wasn’t expecting that–– one moment... Up next is Timothy from CA who wants to talk about the widespread misconception that science leads to the truth when all it is is a tested methodology that assists with limiting our biases while investigating reality.

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