Secular Sexuality 09.24 06-16-2022 with Christy Powell, Sinn Sage, and Summer Hart


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A painted fingernail, a tattered pair of overalls or a genderswaping nickname- we all participate in a little gender f**kery from time to time. And a little role play, gender play or just play with gender roles might be exactly what we need to unleash, unlock or understand ourselves. But can we go too far, or make a mess of things as we play? Veteran performers and sex-worker advocates Sinn Sage and Summer Hart join Christy in a conversation about the silliness and sissyness of it all and the roles and genders we play. Two incredible porn producers, what’s turning us on and of course your calls, questions and curiosities on this week’s SecX! Dive deeper into the episode and find what’s turning us on this week at Secular Sexuality show is LIVE every Thursday from 7:00 to 8:30pm Central Time

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