Art detectives and special smells


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This week, we find out why the tangy, salty smell of an Aussie breakfast spread is being protected, we meet a farmer who is doing his bit to help save two tiny species, learn how a team of art detectives are solving a painting mystery and hear about an island in Sydney Harbour that is being handed back to traditional owners. Then, we’ll be taking a deep dive into a good news story for our Wow of the Week. Quiz questions 1) Where is the Vegemite factory? 2) Which island is being handed back to traditional owners? 3) How many endangered animals was the farmer helping to save by selling his land to the National Trust? 4) What did the Aboriginal artists use to paint on? 5) How many humpback whales were left in the wild, due to humans hunting them? Bonus tricky question What is the history of smells referred to as? Answers 1) Melbourne 2) Me-Mel (Goat Island) 3) Two 4) Bark 5) 300 Bonus tricky answer Olfactory heritage

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