#150 - Dom D’Agostino: Ketogenic Diets, Exogenous Ketones, Measuring Ketosis, Long-Term Keto, Fasting & Caloric Restriction, Metabolic Flexibility, The Dawn Effect, And More!


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10:30 - NASA's NEMO

12:50 - The Aquarius Habitat And Hyperbaric Effect

17:55 - Performance Ketogenic Diet

19:15 - CNS Oxygen Toxicity

21:25 - Dom's Research Into The Ketogenic Diet

23:45 - Anti Seizure Drugs Vs Keto

26:30 - What Makes Keto Beneficial?

28:50 - Seizure Control With Other Low Carb Diets

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31:00 - Root Cause In Seizure

34:00 - The Spectrum Of Ketosis

35:30 - Becoming Fat Adapted

37:20 - Higher Resting Blood Glucose On Keto

38:00 - The Dawn Effect

41:50 - Cryotherapy, Ketones, And Blood Glucose

45:00 - Why Do We Enter Ketosis?

48:30 - Acetyl CoA

50:20 - Starvation And Metabolic Disorders That Prevent Ketosis

55:10 - The Inuit

56:30 - Long Term Ketosis

58:40 - Is Chronic Ketosis Healthy?

1:00:25 - Fat Adaptation Through Restricted Carbs Vs Restricted Dietary Fat

1:04:40 - Ketones And Mitochondrial Uncoupling

1:12:30 - Lactate

1:15:20 - Ketones To Fuel The Brain

1:18:00 - Strict Keto With Carb Cycling Vs Moderate Carb Keto

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1:24:15 - Ketone Bodies And Measuring Ketosis

1:30:30 - Acetone On The Breath

1:34:10 - Acetone For Anti Seizure Effects

1:35:50 - Personalizing The Ketogenic Diet For Our Genetics

1:38:15 - Exogenous Ketones Vs Endogenous Ketones

1:40:40 - Salts Vs Esters

1:44:10 - Can We Become 'Ketone Resistant'?

1:45:55 - Chasing Ketones

1:47:45 - 'Metabolic Memory'

1:51:00 - Is Keto Pro-Cancer Or Anti-Cancer?

1:55:00 - Pairing Keto With Cancer Treatments

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