What’s an Ecosystem and What Are Fossil Fuels?


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IndyKids reporters Mila and Melina interview Lucy Andrews, a scientist and PhD student in the Department of Environmental Science, Policy, and Management at the University of California Berkeley.
Lucy talks about why she loves being a scientist, her favorite part of the job, what ecosystems and fossil fuels are, and what they have to do with the climate crisis!
This episode is perfect for students who are being introduced to climate change and climate crisis concepts, including how wars impact the environment.

Key terms to listen for:
Climate conditions
Fossil fuels
Greenhouse gasses
Solar power
Wind power
Hydro power
Nuclear power
Discussion Questions:

  1. Why do Mila and Melina want to learn more about the climate crisis?
  2. What is an ecosystem?
  3. What do ecosystems have to do with climate change?
  4. What are fossil fuels? Why do we rely on them so much? How does burning fossil fuels contribute to the climate crisis?
  5. How does war affect the environment?
  6. What does Lucy want people to know about her work?

IndyKids Reporters –
Melina Ferreyra and Mila Lemoine
Produced by Emily Löwinger, Isis Phillips and Julia Thomas
Edited by Emily Löwinger
Audio Mentor – Zoe Grueskin
Show Intro Music by Luca Cantagallo
Original Artwork by Cayzlen Rodriguez
Special thanks to Emma Gaffney
We’d like to thank The New York Community Trust and Wolf Family for their support.

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