Travis Smyth - LIV Golf, $$$, & Rubbing Elbows w/ Greats


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What's Up Guys - Stone Labanowitz of ESPN 106.3 & Ken Lavicka Live - I had a chance to talk to 27 year old Australian LIV Golfer Travis Smyth about what life's been like since the LIV's first tour event EVER, the London Invitational. He also plays on the Asian Tour, European Tour, and the Australian Tour as well. He was drafted by the Crushers Golf Club and they went on to place 2nd in London, which ultimately brought him the BIG BAG. Pocketing $520,000 ... he dwarfed his career prize money earnings in 3 days work! He tells me about what it's like playing alongside legends like Phil Mickelson, Dustin Johnson, & what it's done for his game. The LIV Tour kicks off it's second event on June 30th in Portland, Oregon. Travis says he hopes to be drafted by Bryson DeChambeau - Captain of the Crushers Golf Club! Travis also talks the talk about the LIV format and it's benefits and responds to Jon Rahm saying "three rounds, shotgun start, 54 holes with no cut is not a real tournament to me, I want to play against the best players in the world" We creep into the oh so lame political side of things and I ask Travis if he feels any bit guilty for joining the LIV Tour. He also responds to a quote form Greg Norman in which he spoke about the hypocrisy of the PGA Tour. My favorite part of the interview was asking Travis if he knew how lucky he was, and he most definitely did. He has such an positive outlook on life and now that he's got some money in his pocket he can take his girlfriend out to dinner and not worry about how much it costs! LUCKY MAN We dabbled into his coffee obsession and how much he spends on coffee. Lastly, he agreed that if Bryson DeChambeau drafted him and they went on to win the event in Oregon he'd fly me out to AUSTRALIA, make me a cup of coffee, and we'd drink some Victoria Bitters before we went surfing. Life is good people, there is no need to bring negativity into sports where it doesn't belong. Use Travis for example, he's a hungry 27 year old kid trying to make a living & having a damn good time along the way doing what he loves. CHEERS!

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