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Today on The Natural Birth Podcast we have Makensi

Makensi is a mama of one from Australia.

She is an Energy Healer, working with clients on their emotional, mental and spiritual selves. She creates dream catchers on intuitive guidance, paints and sews. Makensi has a background in nutrition and naturopathy and a keen interest in alternative therapies.

Makensi is a first time mumma in her 40’s who chose to free birth her bubba at home with her partner and doula.

She had almost all her labour in her sacrum and back, which she moved through throughout the day and melted into during the night and early hours in her birth pool.

After an amazing birth experience she ended up not birthing her placenta for 14 hours which is quite a remarkable long time.

She shares how her strong affirmations about keeping all her nutrients after birth was the reason for her body holding on to her placenta.

Curious about Makensi? Find her on instagram as @makensi.spirit.healer

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