All about peptides & Are your genetics causing you to overeat with Nathalie Niddam, Longevity Biohacker


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0:00 Beginning

3:00 Introduction

3:57 How Natalie became interested in nutrition & genetics

6:00 Why we need extra help beyond nutrition & how peptides come in to play

11:30 BPC 157 peptides for the gut & healing chronic injuries

15:00 How peptides are being implemented medically

17:00 Peptides and histamines

19:00 More on histamine issues & troubleshooting

21:00 Immune system modulating peptides

24:20 How peptides can help with anti aging by age group

25:30 Two categories of peptides

29:00 Peptides and melatonin production

31:00 Telomeres and peptides

32:00 Glandulars and histamines

35:19 HRT vs peptides

38:30 Fear with HRT

42:00 How HRT can be helpful

44:26 Genes - the cookie jar gene

48:00 Why our genes don’t have to be a final say

51:00 Why interpretations of genetics can be incorrect

54:00 How to find Natalie

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