Ep 284: Client Success Story - How Danielle Generated More Revenue in ONE Month Than All of 2021!


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Danielle Mendoza is a Christ-loving wife, mom, podcast host, international bestselling author, project development consultant.

And one of my amazing clients who just had her best month EVERRRR - generating more revenue in that month than in ALL of last year! (Brava sister...and to Christ be ALL glory)

How did she do it? Listen as she shares what made all the difference.

So much value in this episode, including: - Danielle's inspirational story of her battle with curable but stubborn skin cancer (during which she realized her calling)

- how she helps busy women CEOs create a lasting legacy by bringing their Dream Project our of their head and into the world, in just 90 days!

-how to shut out the noise of the world and follow our calling

-the simple, doable steps to writing your book, launching that podcast or creating your certification course (AND - importantly - how to leverage that work to elevate your visibility & generate more clients)

Visit Danielle's website: https://ConfidentConcept.com.

Connect with her on Instagram:@Confident.Concept or @BeMyself.Now

>> Apply for a Complimentary 'Strategize for YOUR Best Month Yet' Session: bit.ly/JoyfulScalingConsult.

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