Episode 3: The difference of being in your head vs your heart.


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Welcome to episode 3 of Here’s The thing. The difference of being in your head vs your heart. This podcast is dedicated to the principle of knowing yourself before your can know your voice. This skill set is to benefit you in communicating yourself in social situations, on camera or in front of an audience. I will be taking you through: What does it mean and how to identify it Why it matters What to do to come back to being present and fully engaged. Its about connection and an exchange of energy. When you are locked in your head you can get into panic or build your own discomfort. Other examples are when you are so focused on getting a sentence right you forget you are there for other people. You can even sense it in conversation…you know when you’re talking to someone and you can see they are thinking about something else. It comes back to the feeling that you create in others. With love Lesley Note: If you are experiencing emotional or mental distress, please ensure you seek professional guidance. The information in this podcast is not intended to replace professional medical or psychological advice. The content is based upon the author’s personal and professional experiences, opinions and qualifications.

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