Summer Reading Special 2022


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George R R Martin once wrote “A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies . . . The man who never reads lives only one.” Here at EconomicsInTen we have always been keen to share our love of reading (and economics), therefore once again, Pete and Gav, your friendly neighbourhood economists have put together another Summer Reading special for you to enjoy. In a change from our usual format we ask each other the same simple question 10 times; what book would you recommend to read this summer and tell our listeners why they should read it? All the books are linked to economics in some way and if you read them all, you will become a better economist and who knows, perhaps a better human being too! So while away those long summer days catching up with our podcast and reading these beauties. As always, this podcast comes with technical support from the great Nic. Hopefully these gems will see you through to Autumn and beyond!

NB At one point Gav refers to Bank of England economist and author as Jack Andrew rather than Jack Meaning. Apologies - must be the heat!

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